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Please fill out all the information that is requested.  That helps us to have an accurate database to share specific network data out with the state.  For instance, ECEA today serves over 42,000 children as a network. That kind of statement shows the strength of our membership.  

For paying membership dues, it helps ECEA TREMENDOUSLY if you will pay through a bank transfer.  That limit's the processing fees to 1% instead of over 2.99%.  PLEASE CONSIDER SETTING YOUR AUTO PAY UP AS A BANK TRANSFER SO THAT THOSE FUNDS CAN GO TOWARDS OUR ADVOCACY WORK INSTEAD OF JUST PAYING FEES!


1) Fill out this google form so that we can set up your membership to your liking in our system.  If you prefer to set up a meeting to accomplish this, email and we will set up a virtual meeting and set it up during that meeting.

2) You will then receive an invoice for payment.  As soon as you pay the invoice you will be a member!

3)  Thank you for understanding that ALL sites in a membership group need to be in membership with ECEA.  We are confident that the benefits will outweigh the costs to your program each year through advocacy and tangible saving benefits through our value added service providers.  Memberships under a governing body that are found to not include all programs under the same governing body are subject to termination by the board of directors.

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